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Bioinformatics Institute

Assistance for researchers

We are happy to help you with experimental planning, grant applications, subsidized contract bioinformatics analysis, teaching you how to analyse your data and with up-skilling your research group. There is no cost to you for initial assistance and for developing the scope of a project.

There are two frameworks in which we can help you: through NZGL, or through additional services.

Services available through NZGL

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The University of Auckland is one of three universities that contribute to the non-profit, government-backed collaboration New Zealand Genomics Limited (NZGL). Together, the three universities provide genomics and bioinformatics training, services and expertise, while NZGL subsidises this work and facilitates its administration. This is the usual way we could help you.

For further information about NZGL-subsidised bioinformatics support, please either contact us directly to discuss your project plans, or complete an enquiry form on the NZGL website.

Additional services

We will always discuss projects in confidence with NZGL to determine whether, as a team, we can take on your project inside NZGL. In instances when projects are found to be outside of the scope or capacity of NZGL, we have some non-NZGL time available that we can use to help Auckland researchers. The cost-recovery fee we charge for these projects is generally the same as if the work were done through NZGL.