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Bioinformatics Institute

Degree programmes

Bioinformatics-realated courses can be studied at the University of Auckland at undergraduate level, and as a degree at postgraduate level.

Undergraduate study

Bioinformatics is not currently offered as an undergraduate major or specialisation. If you wish to study bioinformatics, you should choose as a major one of biology, computer science, statistics or mathematics and aim to complete these core bioinformatics papers:

  • COMPSCI 105, 220, 369
  • MATHS 108 or 150, 250
  • STATS 125, 210 or 225
  • BIOSCI 101, 202 210
  • BIOINF 301

For more information contact the Bioinformatics Course Advisor, David Welch (details below).


BSc(Hons), PGDip, and MSc study

Bioinformatics can be studied as a postgraduate specialisation within degree programs in the School of Biological Sciences. This is available as a major for Bachelor of Science Honours, Postgraduate Diploma in Science, and Master of Science degrees. 

Further information on the bioinformatics major for these degrees is at the Faculty of Science's website.

Doctoral study

While there is no PhD Bioinformatics qualification, doctoral studies can be undertaken in many topics relating to bioinformatics in one of the departments participating in the programme. See Our people (including our affiliates) for a list of potential supervising staff.

Admission and enrolment

Visit the University of Auckland website for details on how to apply for admission and to enrol in these programmes.

For further information, please contact the Institute's Course Advisor: