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Bioinformatics Institute


The Bioinformatics Institute maintains a range of relationships with colleagues via a network of Affiliate linkages. These relationships include participation in the Institute’s seminar program, shared post-graduate students, industry internships, assistance with experimental design and analysis, and formal contracts for bioinformatics analysis.

These linkages include University of Auckland academic staff from many areas. Linkages with researchers from outside the University of Auckland are also welcomed.

University of Auckland

Dr Cherie Blenkiron Surgery; Molecular Medicine and Pathology
Professor Larry Chamley Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Associate Professor Mark Costello Leigh Marine Research Centre
Associate Professor Phil Crosier Molecular Medicine and Pathology
Associate Professor Alan Davidson Molecular Medicine and Pathology
Professor Lynnette Ferguson Nutrition
Dr Jack Flanagan Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre
Professor John Fraser Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
Dr Mohyra Fraser Liggins Institute
Professor Richard Gardner Biological Sciences
Professor Russell Gray Psychology
Associate Professor David Greenwood Biological Sciences
Dr Jeff Harrison Pharmacy
Associate Professor Nuala Helsby Molecular Medicine and Pathology
Dr Shane Lavery Biological Sciences
Associate Professor Shaun Lott Biological Sciences
Dr Robin MacDiarmid Biological Sciences
Associate Professor Lesley McCowan Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Associate Professor Kathy Mountjoy Physiology
Dr Dorit Naot Medicine
Associate Professor Louise Nicholson Anatomy with Radiology
Dr Justin O'Sullivan Liggins Institute
Dr Anthony Phillips Surgery
Associate Professor Thomas Proft Molecular Medicine and Pathology
Dr Bruce Russell Pharmacy
Dr Robert Schaffer Biological Sciences
Dr William Schierding Liggins Institute
Associate Professor Andrew Shelling Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr Hilary Sheppard Biological Sciences
Professor Chris Triggs Statistics
Associate Professor Silas Villas-Boas Biological Sciences
Dr Siouxsie Wiles Molecular Medicine and Pathology
Professor Bill Wilson Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre
Professor John Windsor Surgery
Associate Professor Alistair Young Anatomy with Radiology

Other Organisations

Bill Abbott Auckland District Health Board
Ross Atkinson Plant & Food Research
Lorraine Berry Massey University
Patrick Biggs Massey University
Mik Black University of Otago
David Bryant University of Otago
Lesley Collins UCOL
Murray Cox Massey University
Anna Divoli Pingar
Gregory Gimenez University of Otago
Rebecca Laurie University of Otago
Alan McCulloch AgResearch
Bjorn Oback AgResearch
Elizabeth Permina University of Otago
Margaret Ryan University of Otago
Martin Schliep University of Sydney
Sebastian Schmeier Massey University
Peter Stockwell University of Otago
Natalie Thomas Massey University
Mauro Truglio Massey University
Dave Wheeler Massey University
Susie Wood Cawthron Institute